Shitty Homemade Demo That Actually Sounds Pretty Good

by Pleasure Town

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released June 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Pleasure Town Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Falling in Love (Holy Shit!)
This fucking feelings got me flippin
I swear to nothing I'm not trippin
This fucking feelings got me flippin
I swear to nothing I'm not tripping

I'm falling, in love
It's freaking, me out
I'm falling, in love
holy shit
Track Name: I Don't Got Time Today
I know you called me but, I don't got time today
I know you text me but, I don't got time today
I know got a bunch of stupid shit to say z
I don't got time today

To tell you you're an asshole
Track Name: Amazing, Scary as Fuck, Fantastic!
I met you at the Elvisathon,
you posted a comment on the Facebook page for the tommyguns
Let's hang out, maybe at the shrunken head
Into the backseat were we introduced our privates
When we're apart, I just wish you were around
Can't keep you off my mind, can barely or almost function
I just really wanna tell you something….

I've fallen for you, for you I've fallen
Never thought I could love again, but we got something
I've fallen for you, and it's amazing, scary as fuck, fantastic!
Track Name: (We're Playin') Worms Armageddon
Holy shit it's your turn first, can't figure out what is worse
I got at least 3 of my guys on the edge
yeah it's your turn first you got double health crates
hoping you fuck up and hit an instant mine, I wouldn't mind

I wouldn't mind at all

Feeling salty oh this sucks, my first guys stuck in a nook
I got nothing but a teleport
to get me out, but then were to go now
I still got 2 guys on the edge, emergency teleport

we're playing

Worms armageddon, worms armageddon
we're playing, worms arm-a-gedeon

Things are finally looking up, got a concrete donkey
Things are finally looking up, it's one on one

Oh fuck it's sudden death (X4)

You prod me of the edge and I drown any way, FUCK YOU!
Track Name: White Wine is Fine Fine
After a day of working I have got to crash
I head to kroger for a bottle of chardonnay
Cause when I drink wine I feel so Jolly
I get home to put another bottle away

white wine white wine (x2) I may suffer tomorrow, but now I feel fine
white wine white wine (X2)

Put another bottle away
Track Name: I Really Wanna Fuck You Tonight, Please!
The way you look at me screams babe do you know, I wanna bone you
We are both pretty drunk and we're not quite alone, The booze take over
We wondered off to the alley were we thought that we were safe
Then we heard the screaming could you two please get a room

I really wanna fuck you tonight, please
I really wanna fuck you tonight, please
Strange lady could you leave us to alone to bone
Track Name: Would You Get Drunk and Fuck Me?
Would You Get Drunk and Fuck Me?

You know you're looking good tonight,
You Know I really wanna get inside, of you!
Track Name: Bagel
There was no good reason to eat my last bagel
Track Name: Fuck You Chuck
In an email, you said to fuck off, out of nowhere, I was not prepared
you weren't joking, being a jerkoff, it was working, I was not prepared
What the fuck is wrong with you, you are acting like a child I thought you were in your 20's
and what the fuck am I to do, you really fucked me over, really fucked me over asshole

I'll never forgive you
I see who you really are now
I'll never forgive you
fuck you CD
Track Name: Blow You
Hello I want to know you
Hello I need to know you
You lay there on the ground
Hello I need to know you
and now I'm going to blow you
I am a leaf blower, and you are the leaves
Track Name: Operation
You know that game Operation?
Has anybody ever won?
I still those tweezers in, but I don't ever win
When I play all I hear is (BZZRZRRZZZZZUZZZZZ!)
Track Name: James C. Almost
You're like a james C almost, no you don't understand
A sick april fools joke, shit out of luck
You're like a james C almost, You barely understand
Some things are better off, sitting alone in a room with no corners

guitar solo

I looked you up in the yel-low pages my friend
didn't think you existed, fuck I was wrong
I looked you up in the yel-low pages last night
Let's keep our damn mouths closed, sitting alone in a room with no corners

J-a-m-e-s C almost, burning bridges, burning his wheat toast
hurry up morgan, there's white people coming
they don't think I'm funny, they don't think I'm funny

Snooty girl with the blonde hair, congradufuckinglations, you just became another inside joke! Skank!